The yard looks amazing, and it is obvious that it will look more and more amazing as everything grows in. Your plan was just what we wanted. - Jami

The lilies and hibiscus started blooming last week so everything is at its peak right now. It looks fantastic! - Beth

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my "Woodland Beds". I have enjoyed so much the yellow poppies, Jacob's Ladder, Jack in the Pulpit, trilium, wood anemone, wild geranium, hepatica, wild ginger, ferns, spurge, may apple, blue-eyed grass, dwarf crested iris, bloodroot, cohosh. - Carolyn

We have really enjoyed the plantings you designed. Something new all the time...We have 5 different things blooming in this area right now. - Walter

...Our yard continues to improve every year! - Monica

Bravo, Philippe! My garden has been wonderful this summer. - Mar

Betty has spoken very highly of your work. - Kendra

Philippe,  thanks for all your help with my garden renovation;  I am enjoying being in the garden’s peace daily.  Thanks for your patience and guidance. - Joyce